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Cover of Teach the Baha'i Faith with Ease
Teach the Baha'i Faith with Ease
by V. Mitra Gopaul

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What the readers are saying

About the book

About the author

Table of Contents


What the readers are saying

Reviewer: Douglas Martin from Haifa, Israel

The approach is a highly personal one and has a natural inner unity of its own. In any event, it has obviously benefited from consultation with a wide range of Baha'is. I was struck by the practicality of the approach and the low-key spirit in which the material is presented. Without doubt, many Baha'is are going to find it a very helpful manual.

Reviewer: Pat Verge from Cochrane Alberta, Canada

The Baha'i Faith, a religion for humankind in the age of its maturity, does not have clergy. The responsibility and privilege of sharing the message of Baha'u'llah has been given to each individual Baha'i. Mitra Gopaul's book is full of interesting stories about how people from different walks of life have learned about and embraced the teachings of its Founder. These stories are the highlight of a practical book which assists Baha'is in their endeavours to share their Faith with others. Gopaul investigates the spiritual journey which each human being takes, the spiritual qualities needed by the teacher, and the many resources available to help him or her. He examines the life of 'Abdu'l-Baha, the perfect Exemplar of the Baha'i Faith, whose luminous actions are a perfect model for those who wish to live and share the Baha'i life. The book's format makes it very readable.Gopaul uses quotes from Sacred Scriptures, word checks, illustrations, and many personal stories to make his subject come alive. He has included brief sections on important dates in Baha'i history and short synopses of other religions. This book will be of special value to the new Baha'i who will wish to share his newfound faith with others. It will inspire those who have been in the Faith for a long time. It will also be of interest to those who are looking for a model of community which is endeavouring to practice unity in diversity. That community is ever open to welcome those wishing to look into the claims of its Founder to have brought a message and a system of governance capable of uniting the diverse peoples of the world in a common bond of faith.

Reviewer: Maddie Wingett from Ontario, Canada

I have read this book and I find it very interesting as well as informative yet simply told. I love the style and the humor with the pictures and the way it can relate to anyone who reads it. So many personal success stories and a glimpse into the way some people live their lives and teach what they believe in without pressuring others. Good for anyone who wants to learn about a Faith that could be close to their hearts, souls and their daily actions. I hightly recommend it to anyone whether they are interested in religion or not.

Reviewer: Dr. A. K. Merchant from New Delhi, INDIA

...your book is very interesting and deals with the subject from a creative perspective covering a broad range of issues concerning the sharing of the 'Word of God' with the rest of our fellow men. I wish to congratulate you for this splendid work.

About the book

The Baha'i Faith is entering a new and challenging phase of expansion of its membership, which calls for the participation of every one of its believers. This requires an effective teaching campaign with a clear understanding of the guidelines and opportunities. Teach the Baha'i Faith With Ease is a useful resource for both new and experienced Baha'i teachers. Gopaul attempts to answer some basic questions, such as "Why does one have to teach?", "What are the benefits?", and "Is teaching the Faith important?" Next, he examines the life of Abdu'l-Baha, our Hero and Exemplar. Throughout the book, quotations from the Writings are extensively used to show how to improve our teaching work. Finally, there are inspiring stories of how many have found and joined the Baha'i Faith. Teach the Baha'i Faith With Ease is a handbook, a tool chest, full of useful information that one can use for teaching activities.

About the author

V. Mitra Gopaul has been a Baha'i for over 30 years with extensive teaching experience in Canada, USA, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. He is an independent computer consultant based in Ontario, Canada, offering his software expertise to major international companies such as Merrill Lynch, IBM, Xerox, and the Royal Bank of Canada. He has written six books for software professionals.

Table of Contents

Foreword ...xi

Preface ...xiii

Chapter 1 Getting Started ...1

  • Should I Teach the Baha'i Faith? ...1
  • Teaching and Knowledge of God ...5
  • How Generous are the Benefits? ...6
  • A Mighty Task ...11
  • Divine Help and Support ...11
  • Central Figures ...11
  • The Perfect Example ...12
  • Concourse on High ...13
  • The Guardianship ...14
  • The Universal House of Justice ...15
  • Other Institutions ...16
  • What is the Minimum Requirement? ...18
  • Primary Duty ...20
  • Spiritual Motherhood ...22
  • The Apostles ...24
  • Summary ...26

    Chapter 2 Abdu'l-Baha: The Perfect Exemplar ...29

  • Why Do We Need Abdu'l-Baha? ...29
  • What's in a Name? ...31
  • Focus ...31
  • The Longing ...32
  • The Architect ...36
  • Don't Blame the Teacher ...37
  • He Listens ...38
  • Teaching with Deeds 40 ...
  • The First Public Speech ...40
  • Humility ...43
  • Spiritual Nourishment ...45
  • Tolerance and Patience ...47
  • Comfortable with Strangers ...48
  • White Roses ...50
  • Mother's Milk ...50
  • Heart White as Snow ...52
  • Summary ...54

    Chapter 3 The Spiritual Journey ...57

  • Basics of a Soul58 ...
  • The Teacher's Role ..59
  • Who is Ready? ...64
  • Don't be Pushy ...65
  • An Independent Journey ...66
  • Different Development Stages of a Soul ...68
  • Search ...69
  • Acceptance ...69
  • Nurturing ...71
  • Confirmation ...72
  • Prayer for the Soul ...73
  • Listen, Listen, Listen ...74
  • Religious, Political, Social, and Technological Trends ...75
  • The Enrolment Card ...81
  • Summary ...83

    Chapter 4 Opportunities Unlimited ...85

  • Workplace ...86
  • High School, College, and University ...87
  • Grade School ...94
  • Children ...95
  • Parents ...95
  • Baha'i Holy Days ...96
  • Christmas Parties ...96
  • Baha'i New Year ...97
  • Friends ...98
  • Family Members ...99
  • Parents ...100
  • Siblings ...102
  • Spouse ...103
  • Children ...105
  • Ethnic Groups ...107
  • Organizations ...110
  • Religious Groups ...111
  • More Opportunities ...111
  • Summary ...112

    Chapter 5 The Message ...115

  • The Approach ...116
  • What to Say ...120
  • The Right Message ...121
  • The Power of Words ...121
  • The Message ...123
  • God ...124
  • Prophet or Manifestation ...124
  • Purpose of Religions ...125
  • Humanity ...125
  • Soul ...126
  • Separation of Body and Soul ...126
  • Equality ...126
  • Education ...127
  • Science and Arts ...127
  • Unity ...128
  • Methods of Delivery ...130
  • One-to-one Teaching ...131
  • Firesides ...131
  • Public Talks ...133
  • Direct Teaching ...134
  • Mass Teaching ...134
  • Door-to-door Teaching ...135
  • Traveling Teaching ...138
  • What are the Benefits of Traveling Teaching? ...139
  • Preparing for Traveling Teaching ...140
  • Pioneering ...141
  • What is Pioneering? ...142
  • Benefits of Pioneering ...142
  • Examples ...145
  • What is the Baha'i Faith? ...145
  • Summary ...149

    Chapter 6 Understanding Entry by Troops .....151

  • Prophecy...152
  • Definition ...156
  • Growth Does Not Mean Progress ...158
  • Promote Love and Unity ...159
  • Spiritual Transformation ...162
  • An Alternative Life Style ...163
  • Process of Social Decline ...164
  • Elements of Growth ...166
  • Time is Now ...167
  • Universal Participation ...170
  • Expansion and Consolidation ...170
  • A Model to the World ...172
  • Reaching the People of Capacity ...173
  • Flexible Approach ...175
  • Concerted and Persistent Efforts ...176
  • Preventing Inoculation ...177
  • Reinforcing the Administrative Foundations ...178
  • Processes of Entry by Troops ...180
  • Summary ...182

    Chapter 7 More Teaching Tools ...185

  • Promises of Ultimate Victory ...185
  • The Bab ...186
  • Baha'u'llah ...186
  • Abdu'l-Baha ...187
  • Shoghi Effendi ...187
  • The Universal House of Justice ...188
  • Prayers for Teaching ...190
  • History of the Faith ...193
  • Principles and Laws ...196
  • Baha'i Faith and Other Religions ...197
  • Krishna ...198
  • Moses ...199
  • Zoroaster ...200
  • Buddha ...200
  • Jesus Christ ...201
  • Muhammad ...202
  • Social and Economic Development ...204
  • Elements for a World Commonwealth ...205
  • What are the Fundamental Verities?...205

    Bibliography ...211

    Index ...213


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